June 19, 2024
7 Years Prison for One Night Stand in Qatar

Only four months left to kick off FIFA World Cup 2022. “The Greatest Show on Earth” will then begin in Qatar. The whole world will be watching Qatar. Thousands of fans from all over the world will come to Qatar to enjoy the fun of the World Cup. But there is bad news for many of them.

Everyone knows that Qatar is a conservative country. They are so conservative that a few days ago, they made the law clear that homosexuality is still illegal in the country. No matter what trend the whole world is currently following. The Qatari government has confirmed that World Cup fans could face up to 7 years in prison for one night stand during their stay in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup 2022: No sex, No alcohol

The World Cup is a place for a meeting of all mixed emotions like joy, fun, and sometimes a little sadness. Many people attend parties all night after the game and drink alcohol to celebrate their favorite team’s victory or mourn the loss of the match. Many strangers meet each other at this time. Sometimes that reunion becomes a part of life.

Sometimes it remains a happy memory of one night. But this time, the Qatari government has asked to curb this second section. They have informed that if the husband and wife do not have a good relationship. Then, they do not need to come to watch the World Cup and have sex. That is why in many cases, the party is also banned. The country’s police have also informed them that if he does not comply, he may have to spend a long time in prison for one night stand.

Finally, Insights

Many have spoken out against the move. They claim that this rule is a human rights violation but that Qatar does not care. Although FIFA announced that all kinds of people are invited to watch the football tournament in Qatar, FIFA’s chief executive told a news conference at the recent World Cup in Qatar: “Whatever it is, it will apply to all.”

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