May 27, 2024
The floating palace of the England WAGs during the World Cup

The next question is how much the England football team can perform on the field in the World Cup. Time will tell if coach Southgate will have a job after the World Cup. But one of the biggest news stories in English football right now is footballers’ wives and girlfriends. It is like a royal palace in the middle of the sea. What is not there? Small town will not be wrong.

Dress up around World Cup football. Their wives and lovers will also travel to Qatar to encourage the footballers. England’s footballers’ wives are no exception. But there is God’s provision for them. World Cup football will start in Qatar on November 20. Wives and lovers of English footballers will also go there.

However, footballers cannot live under the same roof with their wives. There is special accommodation for wives and girlfriends of English footballers in Qatar. Not a luxury hotel. They will be in a whole paradise. However, this is not the case. This ship will amaze your eyes.

All kinds of entertainment are stocked in that resort. Its name is ‘MSc World Europa’. It will be anchored in one place. Footballers’ wives and lovers will spend the night there during the World Cup. If you know the price of this delight, your eyes will rise. It is known that the price of the Pramodatari is around 9326 crores. Which is named as ‘Floating Palace’.

No shortage of luxury has been spared to ensure that the wives and girlfriends of England’s footballers never feel like they’re in paradise. There are salons, boutiques, restaurants, bars. Drinking in Qatar is strict. However, the wives and lovers of English footballers can drink freely in that paradise.

There are discos and big cinema halls. Rooftop swimming pool. It can be said that the experience of Grylls, Harry Kane, Maguire, Foden’s wives and girlfriends at the World Cup in Qatar is going to be completely new.

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