May 27, 2024
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Many people frowned when they learned that the 2022 FIFA World Cup was in Qatar. Mainly the strict laws of the Arab nation. Those who come to the host country to watch the World Cup do not just return to watch the match. There are many places like visiting tourist attractions and getting to know new people. But this time around, when we return to Qatar, at least once, we think about whether or not to go.

As Qatar prepared for the World Cup, several controversies arose. The organizers have been widely criticized for exploiting Qatari workers to prepare playgrounds and other construction work. On top of this, the legal system of Qatar is now being questioned by football fans. As many people from around the world prepare to watch the World Cup, the existing legal system in Qatar is pushing them back.

Mainly laws against homosexuality. Qatar is the second-largest Arab country in the world after Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The law will be a stumbling block for gay fans planning to travel to Qatar to watch football. In Qatar, homosexuals face up to a year in prison.

Qatar imposes a seven-year prison for illegal sex. Qatari police sources say the rules will be strictly enforced. Not only this, with the help of alcohol, you can do wonders in public. In most parts of Qatar, such celebrations are strictly prohibited.

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