May 27, 2024
Top scorers in the FIFA World Cup

The Football World Cup is awarded as the greatest show on earth. According to Legendary Liverpool coach Bill Shankley, “Many people think football is a matter of life and death.” But he thinks football is more than life and death. When the World Cup starts, the whole world is buzzing about the World Cup. The moments when everyone passes and throws the ball into the goal net have been memorable. And if that goal is on the World Cup stage, then imagine the level of excitement.

Football is basically the game of goal. Goals are the measure of victory and defeat. Which team scores the most goals, wins the game. So football fans mainly focus on and show interest in the football players who play the main role in scoring a goal. Every four years after the World Cup, people are looking for great goal scorers. In the history of the game, Maradona, Ronaldo got immortality for their memorable goal on the stage of the FIFA World Cup.

So everyone is interested to know the answer to the question that who is the highest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup? However, this question’s answer is well known by most football fans. Even if you don’t know, you will know in a while if you read this article with a little patience.

FIFA World Cup History

The first football World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. The hosts won their first World Cup title, beating Argentina 4-2 in the final. Guillermo Stábile was the top scorer in that event with 6 goals. Since then, 20 more World Cups have been played. Brazil has won the title in five editions. Germany and Italy, the owners of the second-highest title, have won four World Cups each. The list of top scorers in the World Cup is also dominated by the stars of Brazil and Germany.

How many goals did a player score in the World Cup?

France’s Just Fontaine had scored the most goals in a World Cup event. However, FIFA World Cup 1958 is famous for the discovery of Pele. The seventeen year’s old Pele become superstar to win the World Cup title but Fontaine made the event special. This French football star scored 13 goals in the tournmenent. But in the semifinal in front of Brazilian forward Pele’s hattrick, Fontaine’s performance became faded. In that match, Pele’s hattrick helped Brazil to beat France at 5-2 score. However, among the two goals of the Franch one goal was made by Fontaine. He also scored four more goals in the third-place match in the World Cup 1958.

However, Fontaine does not hold the record for most goals in the FIFA World Cup. Germany’s World Cup-winning striker Miroslav Klose holds the record with 16 goals in playing four World Cups. He had to play 26 matches to score these goals.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo Luís Nazário is in second place with 15 goals in his three World Cups. He is known as ‘Big Ronaldo’ or ‘The Phenomenon’. The best number 9 in history who had scored these goals in 19 world cup matches. He played a big role in making Brazil the champion in the 2002 World Cup by scoring 6 goals.

Even before Ronaldo, another German owned this record. He is once again considered Ronaldo’s rival in the debate over the best striker in history. 1974 World Cup winner Gerd Müller has scored 14 goals in 13 matches.

In the fourth place is the one who has spoken before. Unfortunately for Just Fontaine of France, his career ended quickly due to injury. So he was not seen on the stage of the World Cup after that event. However, he has become the owner of the fourth-highest goal in the World Cup by scoring 13 goals in only 6 matches in one season.

In fifth place for the highest goal scorer is the only player who won three World Cups. After winning the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17, Pele tasted the world cup title in the next edition as well. Although he was not in the regular XI in that World Cup due to injury. In the next World Cup, Brazil was eliminated in the group stage. However, the legend, known as the ‘King of Football’, tasted his third title in his last World Cup in 1970. Pele has scored 12 goals in 13 matches in four World Cups.

The two-time world champion Argentina’s most goal scorer in the World Cup is not either Maradona or Messi. The highest goal scorer for Argentina in the world cup is Gabriel Batistuta. His nickname is Batigol who score the eighth top goal scorer on the World Cup stage with 10 goals in 12 matches.

List of Top Scorers in the World Cup

SL NoPlayer NameCountryNo of Goals
1Miroslav KloseGermany16
2Ronaldo NazarioBrazil15
3Gerd MüllerWest Germany14
4Just FontaineFrance13
6Sándor KocsisHungary11
7Jürgen KlinsmannGermany11
8Gabriel BatistutaArgentina10
9Teófilo CubillasPeru10
10Gary LinekerEngland10
11Grzegorz LatoPoland10
12Thomas MüllerGermany10
13Helmut RahnGermany10

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