May 27, 2024
5 Reasons Brazil will Win Qatar World Cup

Brazil is always on the list of hot favorites in the FIFA World Cup. They also won the gold trophy weighing 7.1 kg the most five times. However, it is a pity that in the last 20 years, Celesaora has failed to reach the final in the world cup. In the last world cup, Brazil had to bid farewell to the World Cup after losing to Belgium in the quarter-final. Brazil’s best world cup performance in the last decade was playing in the semi-final in 2014 at home. However, the Latin American country is more likely to win the trophy in the World Cup to be held in Qatar next November. The report will analyze why Brazil is the biggest contender for the World Cup again after two decades.

1. Irresistible Brazil

Brazil has confirmed the World Cup in Qatar after being unbeaten in the World Cup qualifiers in Latin America. They have won 14 matches among 18 matches. The result of the remaining three matches is a draw. They have won three more matches than their arch-rivals Argentina in the same region. Moreover, Celesaora is also ahead in scoring goals in the opponent’s net. Brazil is currently unbeaten in their last 13 matches in all competitions. Their last defeat was to Argentina in last year’s Copa America Cup final. In other words, Neymar was unbeaten in the last 26 matches except for the last one. As a result, Brazil has overtaken Belgium to take the top spot in the FIFA rankings.

2. Best Attacking Department

Brazil Forward 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Tit’s disciples are ahead of everyone in terms of attack among the hot favorite teams in this year’s World Cup. The Karim Benzema-Vinicius Jr. combination won Real Madrid the Champions League Trophy last season with the gift of aesthetic play. The Champions League is the best competition in club football. So, if Neymar has exactly the same combination with Vinicius, then Brazil will definitely win the Qatar World Cup. In addition, Pakueta, Rodriguez, and Philippe Coutinho will make Brazil irresistible in the attacking position. You can use Richardson, Gabriel Jesus, and Rafinha to change the result of the field from time to time.

3. Experienced Defense

In the Qatar World Cup, Brazil is getting a bunch of defenders full of experience. Hitting the defenses of those who resist is tantamount to breaking the Great Wall of China. Casimiro, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos have nothing to explain separately. With their hands, the best clubs in Europe like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, and Chelsea are winning one trophy after another. Alex Sandro’s Brazil castle become safe by the defender association.

4. World’s Best Goalkeeper

Alison Baker Brazil Goalkeeper
Alison Baker

Last May the British football magazine Four Fourty Two published a feature about Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker. On this feature publication, Four Fourty Two claimed that Alison Baker was currently the world’s best goalkeeper. He did not take his eyes off the ball for a moment. This wall of Liverpool, perfect for defending the ball floating in the air. Alison Baker is one of the symbols of Brazil’s confidence in the goal post. Another wall of the Celesaos is Ederson in Manchester City. He has a record 20 clean sheets for City last season. No further proof is required to prove his merits.

5. Hexer Roadmap for Qatar World Cup

Brazil is in the ā€˜Gā€™ group of the World Cup. Where their opponents are Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon. Judging by Neymar’s current performance, it is easy to guess that Brazil is going to be the group champion if no accident being happened. If everything goes to the right, their opponent in the last 16 will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. If they can overcome the obstacle, they can get Germany as an opponent.

In the quarter-final, Neymar probably is going to get an good opportunity to avenge the 2014 World Cup. If they can overcome the obstacle against Germany, then there is a possibility for Brazil to facing Argentina in the semi-finals. If Celesaora can take revenge on Copa America in the Super Clasico fight, they will reach the final. Where they will have to fight against another semi-final winner team.

Final Words

The World Cup in Qatar is probably going to be the last World Cup for football star Neymar. Although he has not yet made any announcement about his retirement. But according to his junior teammates, Neymar will retire from the national team after the Qatar World Cup. Beside Neymar, several Brazil star footballers including Marcelo, Silva, and Alves are going to play the last World Cup for Brazil. Coach Tite will also be on leave at the end of the Qatar mission. As a result, Celesaora will want to end their career by painting the last one colorful and joy. Neymar said in an interview that he will give his life for the World Cup.

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