May 27, 2024
Qatar Will Keep The World Cup Fans in A Traditional Tent

The host Qatar is planning to house 1.2 million fans in a ‘traditional tent’ at the World Cup in Qatar. Omar al-Jaber, the official in charge of accommodation for the tournament’s local organizing committee, said it was an option for accommodation for World Cup fans, which would be visible in the next two weeks.

“This is real camping,” he told a news conference. We want to give guests the experience of living in the desert in the style of ordinary Bedouins. The tent will have electricity, water supply, and sewerage system. However, there will be no air conditioning device to escape the heat of that country. FIFA is going to arrange the world cup at the end of the year, in November and December for the first time in the history of World Cup football due to escape the scorching heat of the Middle East.

The tournament will be held on November 21 and will end on December 18. There are also plans to set up 200 more luxury tents for World Cup-going fans in the gas-rich country. Note that they will be located in the Celine Beach area near the desert in the south of the country. Jaber said that they would arrange more than 100,000 rooms for football fans during the World Cup.

Visitors will be able to choose between specially designed villages, apartments, villas, and two cruise ships. FIFA has already booked most of the hotel rooms in the country. The football teams, referees, media, and FIFA officials will stay there. Jaber added that many hotels are still under construction. More rooms will be available from there in a few months.

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