June 19, 2024
Copa America Top Assists All Time

The Copa América, South America’s most prestigious international football tournament, boasts a rich history filled with iconic players and unforgettable moments. While goals often steal the spotlight, the art of the assist deserves its recognition. Today, we delve into the record books to celebrate Copa América top assists of all time.

Copa America Top Assists All-time

Here’s a look at some of the all-time top assist leaders in Copa América history

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Lionel Messi Copa America Top Assist All Time

Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, stands atop the list of Copa America’s top assist makers. With 17 assists in 34 games, Messi’s playmaking abilities are unparalleled. His vision, dribbling, and precise passing have made him an indispensable part of Argentina’s squad. Messi’s contributions go beyond assists, as his 13 goals also highlight his scoring prowess.

Messi’s journey in Copa America has been a testament to his resilience and skill. Despite numerous challenges, his performance in the 2021 edition, where he finally lifted the trophy, was a crowning achievement. Messi’s legacy in Copa America is not just about records but his influence and inspiration for players and fans worldwide.

2. Carlos Tevez (Argentina)

Carlos Tevez, known for his tenacity and skill, has made notable contributions to Copa America. With six assists in 19 games, Tevez’s role as a forward was not just about scoring but also creating opportunities for his teammates. His aggressive style of play and determination made him a constant threat to opposition defenses.

Tevez’s international career has seen its share of highs and lows, but his contributions to Copa America remain significant. Despite not winning the tournament, his assists and overall performances showcased his commitment and talent. Tevez’s legacy in Argentine football is marked by his passion and relentless pursuit of success.

3. Angel di Maria (Argentina)

Angel di Maria, with his silky dribbling and precise passing, has been a standout performer for Argentina in Copa America. His six assists in 20 games underscore his importance to the team’s attacking play. Di Maria’s ability to create opportunities for his teammates has been crucial in Argentina’s campaigns, especially during the 2015 and 2016 editions where they finished as runners-up.

Despite facing challenges with injuries, Di Maria’s contributions remain invaluable. His experience and creativity on the field provide Argentina with a significant attacking threat. As he continues to represent his country, Di Maria’s role in the team’s quest for glory is as vital as ever.

4. Juan Arango (Venezuela)

Juan Arango, the most capped player for the Venezuela national team, has left an indelible mark on Copa America. With six assists in 22 games, Arango’s contributions have been significant in elevating Venezuelan football on the international stage. His leadership and experience have been pivotal for the team, guiding younger players and setting a high standard of performance.

Arango’s ability to deliver precise passes and his vision on the field made him a central figure in Venezuela’s midfield. His 23 goals for the national team further highlight his dual role as both a playmaker and a scorer. Arango’s legacy in Copa America is a testament to his enduring quality and dedication to the sport.

5. Alexis Sanchez (Chile)

Alexis Sanchez Chile Copa America

Alexis Sanchez, known for his explosive speed and technical skills, has been a vital player for Chile. With six assists in 22 Copa America games, Sanchez’s contributions go beyond just scoring goals. His ability to create chances for his teammates has been a significant factor in Chile’s offensive strategy.

Sanchez’s versatility allows him to play in various attacking positions, making him a dynamic and unpredictable player. His performances in the Copa America have been crucial in Chile’s successes, and as an active player, Sanchez continues to be a key figure in the team’s endeavors. His ability to provide assists, along with his goal-scoring, makes him one of the most complete forwards in the game.

6. Charles Aranguiz (Chile)

Charles Aranguiz, a key figure in Chile’s midfield, has been instrumental in the team’s recent successes. With five assists in 20 Copa America games, Aranguiz’s role as a playmaker is crucial. His vision and passing ability have helped Chile dominate in the midfield, creating numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Aranguiz’s leadership on the field is evident, especially as the captain of the Chilean team. His performances in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 Copa America victories highlight his importance to the team. As an active player, Aranguiz continues to be a central figure in Chile’s campaigns, with the potential to further enhance his assist record.

7. Paolo Guerrero (Peru)

Paolo Guerrero, a name synonymous with Peruvian football, has made significant contributions to Copa America. Known primarily for his goal-scoring prowess, Guerrero’s five assists also reflect his ability to support his teammates. Participating in six editions of the tournament, Guerrero has been a consistent performer, often leading Peru’s attack with determination and skill.

Guerrero’s experience and leadership have been invaluable for Peru. His assists, coupled with his 14 goals, underscore his all-round capabilities as a forward. Guerrero’s legacy in Copa America is not just about his goals but also his ability to create opportunities for others, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the game.

8. Dani Alves (Brazil)

Dani Alves, another Brazilian legend, is celebrated for his exceptional ability to assist from the right-back position. With four assists in 19 Copa America games, Alves has been instrumental in Brazil’s success over the years. His vision and crossing ability make him a formidable presence on the field, contributing significantly to the team’s offensive plays.

Alves’ career has been marked by consistency and excellence. Despite missing the 2021 Copa America due to injury, his influence on the team remains strong. Alves’ ability to balance defensive duties with attacking contributions showcases his versatility and footballing intelligence, qualities that have made him one of the best right-backs in football history.

9. Arturo Vidal (Chile)

Arturo Vidal, with his distinctive mohawk and relentless energy, is a cornerstone of the Chilean midfield. Known for his combative style and leadership on the pitch, Vidal’s three assists in Copa America highlight his ability to contribute offensively. Despite being primarily a defensive midfielder, Vidal’s forward thrusts and precise passing have often unlocked defenses.

Vidal’s importance to Chile cannot be overstated. His experience and tactical intelligence provide a solid backbone to the team. As an active player, Vidal still has the opportunity to increase his assist tally, further cementing his legacy in Copa America’s rich history. His performances inspire not just his teammates but also young aspiring footballers in Chile and beyond.

10. Roberto Carlos (Brazil)

Roberto Carlos Brazil

Roberto Carlos, a name synonymous with powerful free-kicks and marauding runs down the left flank, is one of the most celebrated defenders in the history of football. His contribution to Brazil’s Copa America campaigns is noteworthy, particularly his ability to assist from the back. With a career spanning over two decades, Carlos brought flair and innovation to the left-back position.

Despite being a defender, his forward-thinking playstyle allowed him to participate in attacks, creating numerous opportunities for his teammates. His three assists in Copa America might seem modest, but they underscore his dual role as a defender and an occasional playmaker. Carlos’ ability to deliver precise crosses and his vision on the field were crucial for Brazil, often making him an unexpected threat in the opposition’s half.

Wrap Up

The Copa América has been graced by some of the greatest playmakers in football history. Their ability to provide assists has not only led to memorable goals but also contributed significantly to their teams’ successes. As the tournament continues to evolve, new playmakers will emerge, but the legacy of these assistant kings will forever be etched in the annals of Copa América history. Whether it’s the precision of Messi, the versatility of Zanetti, or the flair of Ronaldinho, these players have made the assist an art form, delighting fans and leaving a lasting impact on the beautiful game. Additionally, if you are looking to who scores top goals in Copa America then you will read this blog as well.

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