June 19, 2024
Copa America Top Scorer All time

The Copa América, formerly known as the South American Football Championship, has been a stage for thrilling football battles since its inception in 1916. This prestigious tournament brings together South American national teams, showcasing their skills, passion, and determination. One category stands out among the many records and statistics: the top goal-scorers. Let’s dive in and meet the Copa America top scorer all time.

Copa America Top Scorer All time

At the top of the scorer’s mountain stand two legends: Brazil’s Zizinho and Argentina’s Norberto Méndez. Both strikers tore through defenses in their eras, amassing a whopping 17 goals each in the Copa America.

Zizinho: The Samba Maestro (1940s-1950s)

Zizinho, a playmaker with an eye for goal, was a star for Brazil in the 1940s and 1950s. He was known for his incredible dribbling skills, pinpoint passing, and his knack for finding the net. Zizinho’s 17 goals helped Brazil claim the Copa America title in 1949. He was even considered an inspiration by the legendary Pelé!

Norberto Méndez: Argentina’s Goal Machine (1940s)

Nicknamed “Tucho,” Méndez was a prolific goalscorer for Argentina in the 1940s. Though a midfielder, he possessed a striker’s instinct, leading Argentina to three consecutive Copa America titles from 1945 to 1947. His 17 goals cemented his place as an Argentine hero and a Copa America legend.

Copa America Top 10 Scorers All Time

While a definitive top 10 list isn’t universally agreed upon, here’s a breakdown of the Copa America’s top scorers based on reliable sources:

S.NoPlayerGoals ScoredNationality
2Norberto Mendez17Argentina
3Severino Varela15Uruguay
4Lolo Fernandez15Peru
5Gabriel Batistuta13Argentina
8Jose Manuel Moreno13Argentina
9Hector Scarone13Uruguay
10Roberto Porta12Uruguay

Top 5 Legends in Copa America History

Even though Zizinho and Norberto Méndez are at the top with 17 goals, there are some important records of players that have made a lot of history in this competition:

Lionel Messi: The Greatest

Despite not having passed the mark of 17 goals, Messi is about to become the top scorer in the history of the Copa América. Fans have been entertained tournament after tournament with his skillful play, vision, and eye for goal.

Arnoldo Iguarán (Colombia)

A deadly finisher who notched 12 goals in Copa América. Although he was unable to win the championship, he has had a big impact on Colombian football.

Ronaldo (Brazil)

The Brazilian Ronaldo, famed for his speed and clinical finishing for his club as he did for his country, put down 9 goals in Copa América. The sheer audacity of the man ensures he will go down as a great footballer of his era.

Alexis Sánchez (Chile)

The Gunners attacker has netted 9 times for Chile and was instrumental in their recent success. Chile adopted a pressing style of play and Vidal put in the hard yards, while his versatility and goals made him the perfect designated player for Chile.

Héctor Scarone (Uruguay)

Scarone, a Uruguayan forward, scored 8 goals in the first few years of the Copa América. He was part of the Uruguay side that won two of the earliest editions of the tournament.

These players not only added to their goal count but also produced historic moments in the tournament’s history. Whether it be Messi’s dribbles, Iguarán’s poacher instinct, or Ronaldo’s sprints, they have left a lasting legacy in the hearts of football fans worldwide.

Finally Insights

The Copa America’s top scorer all time list is a testament to the beautiful game’s rich history in South America. From Zizinho’s samba magic to Méndez’s clinical finishing, these players have forever left their mark on the competition. As future tournaments unfold, we might see new names emerge or Messi etching his name at the top. One thing’s for sure, the fight for Copa America’s Golden Boot promises to be exciting for years to come!

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