May 27, 2024
No Alcohol in Argentina's World Cup Camp

There is not much time left for the World Cup. After a few months, the most exciting football tournament will be held in the Middle East country Qatar. The 32 teams participating in the event are now choosing their base camp in Qatar, considering the World Cup condition. Lionel Messi’s Argentina chose their base in the World Cup like other teams.

While most World Cup teams will camp in luxury hotels and villas, Argentina’s camp will be quite simple. Argentina will stay at Qatar University during the World Cup. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool used this university as their camp for the Club World Cup in 2019.

Argentina Base Camp at Qatar University FIFA World Cup 2022
This is the place where the Argentine National Team will concentrate in the World Cup

In this World Cup, not only Argentina but also Spain, one of the favorites of the tournament, will use Qatar University as their camp. There will be two different floodlight training pitches, gyms, and other facilities for the two teams.

Argentina’s media reported that the country’s football federation would renovate the camp at its own expense to ensure an ‘Argentine atmosphere’ in the camp. Argentina players and staff cannot drink alcohol there during the World Cup, even if they can build their own camp because alcohol is banned on Qatar University campuses.

Al Thumama Stadium is only 12 miles from the Argentina and Spain camps at Qatar University. Argentina will play their first World Cup match against Saudi Arabia on 22nd November.

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