May 27, 2024
Qatar is Deporting Workers Due to Asking for Payment

The Washington Post reported citing labor rights activists, that the Qatari government detained and deported at least 12 migrant workers for protesting the payment of dues. 

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup in less than three months, where migrant workers have done the work of preparing the stadium for this event.

London-based labor rights group Equidem said at least 60 people were detained this month after protesting outside the offices of Al Bandari International Group, one of the World Cup’s constructions and hospitality companies.

Equidem also said that most of these workers are from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, and the Philippines. The statement said that the workers had not been paid for 7 months. And most of them have been sent to the country.

The Qatari government said the protesters were detained because they were breaking the law, and the matter was being investigated.

Al Bandari, however, has not yet commented on the incident.

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