June 19, 2024
Qatar World Cup Banned

In Qatar, the 22nd FIFA World Cup will take place. Next November through December, 32 teams will compete in 8 stadiums across 5 different cities around the country. Due to the warm weather in Qatar, the World Cup will take place in December instead of June or July as usual. In consideration for the athletes and fans, Qatar decided to postpone the World Cup as winter approached. The audience is unaware of a great deal of other features of the desert region. Let’s explore.

What the Audience Cannot Bear During the World Cup

In Qatar there are many are restricted as an Islamic nation. Alcohol cannot be transported in the bags of football fans. In Qatar, drugs of any type are banned. Pornography, meat, and other religious texts are also banned. It is common to experience issues with alcohol and pork in countries where the use of cigarettes is banned.

Which Cloth Cannot Wear

Visitors to Qatar for the World Cup should dress conservatively. The Qatari government has asked that humble clothing be worn. When leaving the hotel, women must wear clothing that covers their shoulders. must wear long pants or a skirt. On the beach, women are encouraged to wear bikinis. Female fans can swim in the hotel’s private pool while wearing this outfit, though. The Qatari government has made it required for both men’s and women’s apparel. Avoid walking about in shorts and a bare top in public.

Alcohol Banned in Qatar World Cup Stadium

Alcohol use has not been banned at the World Cup in Qatar, despite the fact that tourists are not permitted to transport alcohol. Alcohol can be served in small quantities at hotels and bars that are licensed to do so. The legal drinking age is also set. Anyone who drinks alcohol under 21 will be fined 3,000 Qatari Riyals. if not, six months in prison.

Unmarried Couples Cannot Enter Qatar

There are limitations on the types of companions that fans can bring to watch the World Cup. Without getting married, couples cannot stay together in hotels. Additionally, Qatar firmly supports homosexuality. If the accusations are confirmed, the provincial and federal governments has already declared prison sentences and penalties.

Why the Qatar World Cup Was Criticized

In the “bid” process to be the host, Qatar has been charged with corruption. In an effort to get the nation ready for the football World Cup as soon as possible, there have also been accusations of migrant workers being tortured. A survey found that more than 6,500 construction workers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka died while building the stadium in Qatar. The laborers, according to Amnesty International, were compelled to work. Even on holidays, the laborers had to remain working on the stadium’s construction. In addition, wages were not sent out on time. Migrant workers who have been abused have reported their experiences to human rights organizations.

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