May 27, 2024
FIFA Change Qatar World Cup Schedule

The schedule has changed for the World Cup in Qatar. FIFA, the governing body of international football, announced the Qatar World Cup new Schedule. The revised schedule states that the first match will kick off on November 20, one day earlier than the previous schedule.

Previously FIFA scheduled to inaugurate the Qatar World Cup on November 21. In an official statement, Thursday night FIFA announced the changes in the schedule of the World Cup. The first match on the previous schedule has been made a fixture to be between Senegal and the Netherlands.

But now this world event will start one day ahead. FIFA claims that the decision was made so that Qatar, the host country, could participate in the FIFA World Cup’s first match.

Accordingly, the host Qatar will play against Ecuador in the first match on November 20.

Although the starting date has been brought forward, the final date is December 18 in the proposed schedule. In addition, on 21 November, Senegal and Netherlands will meet in the FIFA World Cup 2022 second match. The second match replaced the England-Iran match on the same day, and it will be the third match.

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