May 27, 2024
Opportunity for resale FIFA Tickets Qatar 2022

If you buy a FIFA tickets Qatar 2022 to watch the Qatar FIFA World Cup match and lose it for any reason, you have the opportunity to sell the ticket through the re-sale platform. The authorities have prepared such a system so that those who cannot watch the matches do not lose money. They have been given the opportunity to sell tickets through FIFA’s official ticket re-sale platform. 

Time is allowed to sell tickets till the 16th of August. Tickets that have already been purchased can be sold in this way. The opportunity for resale has been prepared until 12 noon Qatar local time on the 16th of August. FIFA officials have clarified that the re-sale platform will be opened again as the tournament approaches.

Facilitation for sale of tickets through re-sale platform is only for getting fixed amount as refund. This facility is available only if the ticket is sold through the re-sale platform. Illegal purchase or sale of FIFA World Cup tickets will face strict legal action. If you buy or sell tickets illegally, you will have to pay a fine of 250,000 riyals. But the owner who has purchased the ticket can sell any number of tickets through the re-sale platform.

Ticket holder wants to sell his own ticket, he has to submit all the tickets he bought. There is no guarantee that tickets submitted on the re-sale platform will be sold. FIFA has sole authority over tickets submitted for sale. FIFA is not responsible if the tickets go on sale on the re-sale platform and are not sold. If the ticket is not withdrawn before the stipulated time, FIFA shall not be liable for any financial loss. Guests will not be allowed to watch the match unless accompanied by the original ticket holder.

To resale FIFA tickets Qatar 2022, you need to log into their FIFA ticketing account and select the ticket to resale option. Click and enter the re-sale platform. Below is the link to purchase tickets from the re-sale platform.

International customers: click here

Residents of Qatar: click here

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