May 27, 2024
Things to Beware Before You Visit Qatar

The 22nd FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar. 32 teams will compete in 8 stadiums in five different country cities next November-December. The World Cup is usually held in June-July, but due to the warm weather in Qatar, this tournament will be held at the end of the year. With winter approaching, Qatar postponed the World Cup thinking about the players and spectators. Many other aspects of the desert country are unknown to the audience. So before visiting Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, you have to be aware of the following things.

What the audience cannot bear during the World Cup

Being an Islamic state, there are many obstacles in Qatar. Football spectators cannot carry alcohol in their luggage. Drugs of any kind are not allowed in Qatar. Besides, pornography, pork, and other religious books cannot be taken. In countries where the use of cigarettes is prohibited, it is normal to have prohibition on alcohol and pork. Vaping was banned in Qatar in 2014.

Clothes Cannot Be Worn

World Cup visitors must dress conservatively in Qatar. The Qatar government has requested to maintain modesty in dress. Women have to wear clothes covering their shoulders while going out of the hotel. Must wear a long skirt or trousers. Women are encouraged to wear bikinis on the beach. However, female supporters can take a bath in this dress in the hotel’s private pool. The government of Qatar has made it obligatory not only for women but also for men’s clothing. Don’t go around in public with bare tops and shorts.

Will the World Cup in Qatar be Completely Alcohol-free?

Although tourists are prohibited from carrying alcohol, drinking has not been banned at the World Cup in Qatar. Licensed bars and hotels are permitted to serve limited amounts of alcohol. There is also an age limit for drinking. Anyone under the age of 21 who consumes alcohol will be fined 3,000 Qatari Riyals. Otherwise, six months imprisonment.

Unmarried Partners are not Permitted to Visit Qatar

Football fans who come to watch the World Cup are also restricted in their choice of companions. Lovers cannot stay together in hotels without marriage. In addition, homosexuality is strongly discouraged in Qatar. The country’s government has also announced jail fines if the allegations are proven.

That’s Why the Qatar World Cup Was Criticized

Qatar has been accused of corruption in the host’s ‘bid’ process. There have also been reports of abuse of migrant workers to prepare the country for the football World Cup as soon as possible. According to a survey, more than 6,500 workers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka were killed in the Qatar stadium construction. Amnesty International claims that the workers were forced to work. The workers had to be busy with the construction of the stadium, even on holidays. Besides, workers were not paid on time. Abused migrant workers have told human rights organizations that they have been abused and exploited.

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